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Why is it so important?

Purchasing a used vehicle can be risky. When excited buyers get emotionally caught up in the vehicle purchase, they often miss mechanical, cosmetic, and safety issues during visual inspections and test drives.

According to Transport Canada, there are over 120,000 automobile accidents every year. Often times, these accidents are not reported to insurance companies. The cars are fixed privately and thus, the information is not recorded in the vehicle history report.

The type of damage sustained by the vehicle and the way in which it is corrected contribute significantly to the car's safety. For example, the frame or chassis of a car is frequently stretched out to smoothen the dents (See Picture 1). This stretching thins out the frame and makes it highly vulnerable to future damage. Similarly, body shops very often cut parts from various vehicles and combine them for a quick fix (Pictures 2 and 3).

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

These methods, along with many others, change the geometry of the vehicle, as well as its weight distribution. Hence, it may be dangerous to drive this type of car at fast speeds, which may cause the car to swerve or drag to one side. Additionally, there may be a large negative effect on fuel consumption and tire condition.

Aside from these considerations, there is a plethora of other factors to keep in mind. One common technique is to "roll back" the mileage of a vehicle. You may be told that the car has only seen 50,000 kilometres, when in reality it's gone over 250,000. Only an experienced professional can recognize whether the mileage has been rolled back. Likewise, cars are frequently re-painted over the surface, leading to a high probability of rust (Pictures 4 and 5). Add to this a whole list of flaws, including engine, suspension and transmission problems, and you begin to see how much can go wrong when purchasing an automobile.


Thus, a pre-purchase auto inspection is absolutely vital to determine the state of the vehicle. Our specialists will show you exactly which areas of the car are flawed, which require fixing, and whether the car is safe and sound. Once this information is in your hands, not only will you have the peace of mind knowing your money was well-spent on a worthwhile car, you will also have a wonderful bargaining tool! The seller frequently has to lower their price to accomodate the findings of the inspection. In this way, the inspection often pays for itself. Plus, an auto inspection will go a long way in saving you from future expenses and hassles.

This car was introduced at Geneva Auto Show by, an analog of canadian They've joint Volkswagen and BMW to show and warn people that this kind of frauds exist in the market. Now what do you think - is it going to be a problem for professionals to make a car by joining two crushed Mercedes?

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