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Used Car Buying Guide

Buying used cars can become a very daunting task. However, this used car buying guide will be able to help you through this.
There are several things that you have to remember and a few steps that need to be taken in order to make your experience of buying a used car easier. These things will also serve as your assistance in order to avoid getting ripped-off.

Set the Budget

The first thing that you need to do is decide on how much you can afford spending for buying a used car. Do not also fail to include expenses for registration, insurance, running costs and regular maintenance.

Conduct Some Research

It is essential to have a meticulous look at the used cars available before settling for one. For you get some idea regarding the current price in the market of your potential model, you can look online for some ads for used cars or check the newspaper in your locality. You might also want to look for price guides in order to avoid paying more than the used car’s actual worth.

Look for the Right Car

Browse potential cars by make, price or body type in order to determine the specific model or make that best suits you. You can also have some window shopping by age, location, model and make while considering other essential details.

Get in Touch with the Seller

After you have found a car that interests you, call or contact its seller. This is your best chance to ask him several questions that can help you decide if you should really buy the car or not. Here are some of the questions that you might want to ask.

  • What is the current condition of the car?
  • Why are you selling the car?
  • For how long had you owned the car?
  • Has the car been damaged before?
  • Does the car have “bad habits?”

Check the Car in Person

If the car seller is a private individual and not a dealer, it will be best to go to the listed home address. Never agree in meeting them somewhere else. See if the address of the home is similar to the address indicated on the vehicle’s registration certificate. You can copy or printout the advertisement of the seller and bring it with you to see if details such as odometer numbers are really accurate.

Verify the History of the Car

Even if the car seller seems genuine, it is still important to look in to the car’s history to ensure that is not stolen or is involved in any issues that might compromise you in the long run. It is always best to know if the car is legitimately registered in order for you to be saved from any major problems.

Have a Pre-Purchase Inspection

When you have already found the right car that suits your budget and your taste and you have raised the necessary questions to the owner, a pre-purchase inspection should be the next thing in your priority list. PPI or pre-purchase inspection is the detailed assessment conducted by qualified individuals for determining the mechanical, safety and cosmetic condition of the car before you complete your purchase.
Most of these inspections are being conducted by certified automotive technicians or mechanics who are knowledgeable in different car makes and models. The main purpose of pre purchase inspection is to discover any existing conditions or reveal some maintenance shortcomings that can become possible financial and safety issues for you in the near future as its buyer.

Pre purchase inspections are recommended especially if you are buying cars with no warranty or if the car is in a different city. When the car does not come with a warranty, you, as a buyer, will immediately assume possible risks in case there will be breakdowns or major mechanical issues. With this said, a qualified pre-purchase inspection will make financial sense. Buying used cars from cities can pose some extra challenge particularly when you cannot test drive the car.

By simply making some phone calls with a reputable service provider of pre purchase inspection, you will be able to make some arrangement with them to inspect the car that you are planning to buy. They will be the ones to check both the interior and exterior of the car, under the hood, and under the carriage to identify any problems. They will also test drive the car to give you a complete report. The best provider of pre purchase inspection can give you the detailed report in just 24 hours after the inspection for you to make a decision the soonest time possible.

Negotiate the Price

Although there are cases when the prices of used cars are fixed, there is usually a way for you to get a great bargain.

  • List down the faults that have been discovered during the pre purchase inspection or works that might be possibly needed. Calculate how the costs of these can add to the car’s price.
  • From here, you can negotiate the car’s price with its seller.
  • Ask for the seller’s best price and give a lower offer. The seller only has several choices. It’s either he will turn down your offer, accept it or propose a price that is close to what you have.

Settle the Payment and Necessary Paperwork

See to it that all paperwork is organized, and your copies of service history, logbook and registration papers are all original and not merely photocopies. When you make a deposit or payment, make sure that you ask for a receipt that indicates the full details of the seller.
It might seem a bit difficult to buy used cars, but with a proper guide, you will certainly be able to finish the task in no time. Through this used car buying guide, you already have an idea of the important things that you should look into. Keep these tips in mind for you to enjoy the best benefits of getting a used car.

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